Friday, May 1, 2020

Hog Politics--If you don't like politics on a sail blog, please skip ahead. I will be back to sailing shortly.

China has been having ongoing pork shortatges due to swine flue. I feel for them. They have a lot of mouths to feed.

In 2013 a Chinese conglomerate bought Smithfield Foods to insure a hog supply and to make money. Very reasonable.

Wiki--Smithfield Foods

Trump claims a "great deal" was struck allowing us to export hogs to China. Just how hard do we think it was to get the Chinese to buy their own hogs? I suspect that was pretty easy.

Now we are calling the meat cutting industry essencial, with special emphasis on pork, but we're still exporting 10% of our cut pork and 25% of the total. I guess it is not that essential to the US food supply.

On the other hand, they are Chinese hogs and the Chinese do need the food. I'm OK with that. We eat too much food.


I'm not sayin' whether this is right of wrong. I can see both sides. But it is more complicated than it appears, Trump is NOT doing it to protect the US food supply, and he is not telling the truth.

I guess I'm used to that. Isn't that sad?

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