Friday, March 13, 2015

Winter Hangs Tough

The Clocks have been changed. The days are longer. The average temperature is supposed to be in the 50s. So how come the Coast Guard has banned boating on the upper Bay until April 15 due to dangerous ice conditions, and the mouth of Deale harbor still has 4" of slushy ice clogging it?

So we return to our regular programming, which this February has featured ice climbing, several times each week.

Great Falls, VA. Just bouldering, really, but a convenient training ground close to home.

Deck Shoes for Ice

Just starting up. This one is tall enough for a rope. And the frozen river is a death fall.

Topping out while hoping the ice is good.

And some shots from White Oak Canyon

Not really sailing weather. Not for a few weeks at least. On the other hand, the engines start, no maintenance is needed beyond a quick oil change, and the season should start with a roar... as soon as the water gets a little softer. The spring thaw will also bring a torrent of freshwater, with tree trunks and debris sufficient to make the water hazardous for props for at least another week. The plus side of heavy snow melt is a light year for jelly fish and a late season for rockfish, and that is all good.