Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Reefing a Blade Jib--A New Prpose for the PDQ Self-tacker?

I've never really liked the self tacking jib on the PDQ 32.
  • Not enough power in light winds
  • No shape off the wind (poor twist control--traveler needs to be semi-circular to work)
  • Becomes fuller when rolled in stronger winds
  • Does not feather well
While paddling around the harbor in Deale I saw this:

It is not a simple matter of adding reinforcement, reefing eyes, and a clew ring; this sail is much flatter. I also wonder that the big roll of reefed fabric won't ruin the airflow off the bottom, though the problem will be less if the foot adjustment is less. In my case, I probably would not change the hoist, as in this example, since I can still roll it up, but simply add a clew ring that would allow me to use my existing inside genoa leads.

And since I would rather not have to lower the sail to reef it... how in the heck do you tie up the bunt and attach the sheets? On the other hand, the clew should be about the same height as my genoa when rolled up just short of the mast, and I can just reach it from the cabin top. Certainly a short pendant would make it work.

Something to ponder. A simple project that would be synergistic with the 3rd reef in my main, the inside tracks, and longer transoms, improving strong wind weatherliness. A DIY project? I've designed and sewn sails before. Hmm...