Friday, July 17, 2015

Ducklings always Follow Their Mothers

I guess it is a universal rule.

Cay of Sea and tender, Unnamed cove

The Chesapeake Bay is a small world sometimes. This week we ran into friends we had met over the internet, who dock only a few hundred yards away in Deale, but had never met, face to face. Good stuff.


  1. I'm happy that the two of you connected!

  2. Great meeting! Drew, you had described the cove to me once before, but I had not made the connection this time between where we were, and your description. Nice to finally meet you.

  3. Drew, may I use this photo? I'll be sure to give you credit when I do.

  4. Of course. This was the easiest way I knew to get the picture to you, and that was the reason for the post... and it was cute.

    1. Drew, I know you gave Rick permission to use your photo. I'd like to use it to paint a picture or two. May I have your permission for that?