Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shore Power Melt-Down

There I was, minding my own business, refitting the fuel filters a few weeks ago. I smelled something hot, something electrical.

I reached over and touched the plug-in and it was smoking hot. No visible signs--no smoke or glow. It was fully engaged and not corroded. It was not at full load--only about 14 amps on a 30 amp plug. In fact, I don't leave the boat plugged in--I used solar for charging and only plug-in when I'm there. And the end I move is the dock end (this is the boat end).

So, yes, it can happen in a heartbeat, and I'm glad I was there.


(not my picture--I pitched the plug in my haste and horror--but I can't see anyone minding repetition of a safety reminder. The extent of damage was very similar.)


  1. Yowch!

    I sure am glad you were there!!

    Drew, please be sure and check that the male socket on the boat is ok, and that the set screws clamping the wires are still tight.


  2. Of course. I dropped what I was working, sorted that out, and ONLY THEN got back to the original project.