Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I don't know why PDQ left hinges off the locker covers. They didn't cheap-out much. But they missed this one. Every time you need just one little thing, off comes the cushion, the lid must be leaned somewhere.... A big pain. With a hinge, lifting the lid just a bit to snag just one thing is reasonable.

Six months after I added them I noticed that the new Gemini Legacy is set up this way. Some thing they got right.

I added hinges to my under-berth lockers some time ago, and it was a big improvement. They get used a lot more.

I added these drop-in trays to the salon lockers. A big help--commonly used and small items don't disappear into dark corners.

And now I've added hinges to the salon lockers. A big help.

  • I didn't bother with the corner lockers (they won't open properly because of the backrests) or the cover over the charger.
  • I didn't bother with stainless hinges. I did oil them lightly (Corr-Block) and I haven't seen any signs of rust. It's a dry cabin.

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