Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Canvas

Sewing gear back together is a traditional cruisers' pastime, and I've certainly passed time resewing the seams of our enclosure. I actually find it enjoyable, weaving the thread back and forth at anchor or dock, when there's nothing special to do. If there are sailors about a sailors palm is always a conversation starter.  Some haven't learned to use it efficiently, some are afraid to try their hand, and someone always has a good tip. However, after the Stayglass spit along the bottom edge this winter, it was time. Additionally, the glass had hazed and I've gotten tired of not being able to see well, rather like having cataracts or atrociously dirty glasses that can't be cleaned.

Courtesy of Canvas Connections, Deale, MD. They were timely on the estimate, stuck to the bid, and met my delivery requirement. It was over one boat buck, but it exceeded my DIY capabilities and that is worth payment.

I have also posted this to illustrate our genoa and spinnaker sheeting, since there have been questions. There is a sail track just forward of the aft cleat with 2 blocks mounted. The forward block is the genoa block, which is a good windward to beam reach setting (if broad reaching or running wing-and-wing for long, we move the lead forward like this). The aft block is for the chute (if the tack is moved to windward we can move the lead forward the same way, but seldom do). These lead adjustments are often made to be adjustable by pulling a line--and they were on my last boat, a high performance design (Stiletto 27 with many tweaks)--but I chose simplicity and fewer lines for this boat.

What else is obvious? Numerous rod holders, anti-chafe gear, stern mooring line redirection, window covers, and solar panels.

Note: the only products aproved for preseving and cleaning Staglass are by IMAR and are brutally expensive at West Marine. Defender is about $8/bottle less. They are good though, and Practical Sailor rated them the best performers. Just boat bucks....

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