Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jessica's New Room

After 15 years growing up with 1/3-height kids wall paper with a sea creature theme, our teenager declared it was time for a change. All agreed. She picked the colors and carpet; White ceiling, sea-blue walls, sand-colored shallow shag carpet. We all painted. Jessica decorated.

Old Charts? Frame them with scrap lumber and mount them--a good father-daughter project. Also about the only way to get a light weight and aged frame the right size. This one is from Chincoteague, VA, a favorite stop. I had this chart when I first sail the bay in a beach cat, 25 years ago. Old enough to meet her definition of antique.

Boat Hooks and Crab Pot Floats. About a half dozen floats, painted up, collected from beaches. The old iron and wood boat hook actually floated into my docklines during a winter flood.

Fish and Coral. Circling the closet, collected from shops and beaches from North Carolina to Florida.

Ship's Bell. From the ex-USS Carron, a destroyer my company helped decommission.

Two Marine Aquariums. A 12 gallon Atlantic Ocean tank with horseshoe crabs, BIG hermit crabs (broad claw species from Cape Charles, not the common but smaller long claw species), and a spider crab. A 29 gallon Chesapeake tank with crabs and fish collected on a rotating basis. She's thinking marine biology for a career, so she is into this. We keep a small aquarium on the boat, for collecting during long trips.

There's more: a pair of deer antlers mounted on the closet doors, for hanging ropes and scarves. An old classic solid glass fishing pole, a bent-wood lacrosse stick.

It's enough to make the visitor think the house is slowly swaying.


  1. I'm happy to hear that those crab pots weren't collected by your props!



  2. Charming! I love the description of the color scheme!

  3. I've yet to collect a crab pot with my PDQ 32, and I'm sure I've run over a few. They seem to resist trapping lines. I caught them on the rudders of my Stiletto all the time, often several in a day.

    I've collected my own motor raising line about 6 times, to date!