Thursday, October 14, 2010

E-15 Approved by EPA for 2007 and Newer Vehicals

I'm only the messenger:

And a few refferences I posted before:

In a nutshell, e-15 will be permitted in 2007 and new vehicals. I've made my peace with e-10 and no longer have any engine troubles. I don't foresee any with this, other than a few warm-up problems in the winter due to the leaner mixture resulting from ethanol. Not all will agree with my methods, but I believe the engineering is sound:
  • Fill the tanks AFTER every use. Less breathing room means less water absorption.
  • Do Not run the carbs empty. A nearly empty carb turns to gum every time, whereas a full carb will not dry out that quickly, if a boat is used every month. Hey, the PO of my boat ran carbs empty religiously, wore out the fittings doing it, and had many problems and showed me the repair bills. I stopped running them dry and the problems have not returned. I've never run carbs dry in 25 years of boating and never had a carb problem that I didn't inherit. Urban legend, I think.
  • Close the vent and fuel valve on the tender after every use.
  • Use water separting filters, where possible. 
  • Run the engines frequently! Every month, rain or shine or snow.

But the change does rasie some questions and beg some answers:
  • Which storage tank does it go in, since stations only have so many tanks and pumps?
  • Will marinas make the change? Since they don't have to and e-10 will remain available, a pox on those that do.
  • E-15 will run leaner yet in small (non-oxygen sensor) outboards. Good luck.
  • E-15 may be more resistant to separation, because it can hold 1/3 more water.
  • E-15 will absorb water faster. Keep the tanks full!
  • E-15 will have the ability to absorb enough water to run rough without separation. Sail often and run the engine often, to keep the fuel fresh.
  • More gloom and doom regarding hoses and tanks is being posted on the net. Well, if 10% ethanol didn't cause trouble for a given motor, I don't see this making a difference.
  • Expect the price of food to go up... again. If for no other reason that the effect of ethanol fuel demand on world food prices, I see e-xx as the worst public policy to come out of Washington in a longtime. Because we like to feel good and can aford it, people in the third world are eating less. It's criminal.
  • Expect taxes to go up. Since e-xx is highway tax exempt, the funding for road construction increasingly comes from the general fund. This has been kept quiet; however, several "emergency" funding bills have passed, as the Highway Trust Fund ran out of funds.
I have a sneaking suspition that the aproval will be expanded to more model years by spring or within a year, so the spread of e-15 may be more rapid than one would guess.

Best wishes.


  1. I like the "I'm only the messenger" comment.

  2. "Best Wishes"

    The political reality is that a fair tally of the pluses and minuses of this program is not wanted and does not matter.