Thursday, June 30, 2016

Is the Stainless Swivel Eating the Zinc off the Anchor?

Look like it to me. (not my boat)

This is also a good argument for a galvanized shackles. Stainless chain hooks may slide on and off a little easier, but over times I suppose there is some effect, if you are on the hook a lot. I just go all-galvanized.

Personally, I can't see much use for a swivel. The original SS swivel on Shoal Survivor (15 years) revealed an incipient crack when I took it apart to install a new anchor. No thanks.

(not my swivel, but it shows what side leverage can do)

  • Align the chain between the anchor and the gypsy. The chain can't spin in the gypsy, can it?
  • Motor/draft backwards if need be; most anchor will alight due to water flow.

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  1. Not a fan of swivels either. The data on them indicates they are often the weak component in anchoring gear. And when I look at them, I'm not surprised. Seems like common sense. There just isn't enough material in any swivel to provide me with a sense of security.