Friday, May 22, 2015

Tandem Anchors IV -- the Wemar Anchor

This is a perfect example of what you get reading reviews in magazines that accept advertising. The month Wemar started advertising, Sail Magazine reviewed this bit of foolishness that does not function AT ALL, and nominated it for an award. Just pitiful.

In this test they pretend to show veering... but the secondary is not set and they have eased around very slowly. Shows nothing.


Then they show this video of retrieval. Notice that the primary never set, at all.

On the Web site they have only these 2 lovely failures:

This time the secondary is not set.

Tandem Anchor Classic 

 And this time the Primary is not set, or rather I think it has tripped (it is off-line in the direction of the pull).

Tandem Anchor Classic

Why would you post 4 pictures of failure? Because they had no successes? Or is it because the target buyer has been identified as completely ignorant of anchoring? I do know why Sail Magazine nominated this for an award.

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