Friday, August 1, 2014


(I borrowed some of this from Windborne. It seemed important to share.)

I'm all about eco. I work for one of the largest recyclers, have built multiple re-cycling and recovery plants, and have invented new processes. But I'm not in favor of mis-labling or eco products that don't meet specifications or perform.

This is NOT mineral spirits.

 This is an emulsion blended to comply with west coast VOC rules. What it is good for, I have no idea.

If it were mineral spirits, it would comply with ASTM D235 (the defacto definition of the term), which it does not in many ways. Basically, FALSE LABELING.

Kleen Strip does make mineral spirits. They also make odorless mineral spirits, though plain or rule 66 mineral spirits are better solvents (the KB value of odorless MS, a measure of grease solvency, is only half that of regular and rule 66 solvents, which matches my experience). All of these meet ASTM specifications and can be used to thin paint and clean-up petrol based caulks and paints.
                                   Klean-Strip Mineral Spirits, Gallon

 ASTM D235, Type C, class C
* Petroleum-based.
* Clear, nearly water white (25 units is very nearly perfectly clear).
* Does not contain water (300F initial boiling point).

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