Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Main--Mack Sails

The original sail had slowly turned into a shapeless bag. I priced this one at the Annapolis boat show, and months later, here it is! Certainly, there are some adjustments to be made--batten tension, for certain--but the fit seems good.

I need to fabricate a proper tack strap. The original sail had foot slides, but this one is loose footed. I like it.
Note the jury-rigged boom strap at the clew. I'll have to sew something better... although this worked perfectly.

Draft forward, lots flatter

  • 8.62 oz High Aspect Dacron Mainsail
  • Five full battens with adjustable battslide fittings
  • 3 reefs
  • UHMW wear strips
  • Sail area equal to original design specifications
  • Standard boom cover
 And by way of comparison... Before. We'll be zipping to windward now!

 No swivels of the tackle with twist and friction will increase.

 Why a snap shackle block? I had a spare, no other reason. Notice that I locked the swivel with cable ties.


  1. Drew,I think you mentioned that you increased the purchase on the mainsheet to 3-1. I assume that was done by adding a double block to traveler car? Did you change the block on the end of the boom? I'm about to get a new mainsheet and I'd like to change the purchase at the same time. Thanks. Kevin

  2. I just replace the becket with a block, and replace the single block with a spare becket block I had (I have accumulated a lot of "might need" stuff). I think I prefer fiddle block systems up to 4:1 purchase--less friction if they twist.

    And NO SWIVELS. the tackle will twist and you will gain friction.