Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deale After Sandy

rev 10-31-2012:

For any Phipps Marina slip holders that follow my blog, your boats are fine. There is no power in town and the sound of many generators is the new normal. The surge didn't get up on the grass, from appearances.

I'll revise this post later with some pics and stuff, but i thought you'ld like to know.


A few pictures, as promised.

Damage that I came a across? A few traffic lights out in the morning, numerous small branches down in our yard, and no power for 24 hours. The Federal government closed (wimps), causeing too many local businesses to follow in lock-step group think, in over reaction to damage and disruption that was only about what we get a few times each year from thunderstorms or ice storms.
Phipps Marina? No boat had any damage that I could see, nor anything obvious at any of the marinas in town. I seemed that the surge was only ~ 2-3 feet, as predicted. A lot of boats were pulled at the last moment, a lot of tarps removed, and a lot of sails stripped.

Shoal Survivor? My recent window gasket replacements were well tested and found satisfactory. Most of the bird poo was removed, but alas not the staining.

It felt funny, walking on decks that were, in places at other marinas, only a few inches above the water, as though I was stepping onto floating debris. At some marinas boaters were seen walking on water, inspecting boats from docks that were a few inches awash.

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