Monday, November 16, 2009

Corner Tramp Lacing Reinforcement on PDQ 32

I've noticed that many of these boats have a problem with the bolt rope being strained in the corner, bringing a premature death to the trampoline. There is not enough lacing support and this is a high-impact area, due to sailors stepping down off the cabin roof. A few extra laces are just the ticket: simply add 3 small stainless straps (1" x 1/8" x 2" 316 SS) with a 1/4-inch hole drilled in each end. Round the holes well to avoid chafe.


  1. Can I ask ... where did you get stainless straps?

  2. I believe the strap came from McMaster/Carr.

  3. Thanks. I looked at all 510,000 products :) in their catalog and can't find these? I'm finding something called "Schaefer 8" x 1" Strap Tang" ($22 each) at some boat stores but I'd have to cut it and polish it. Did you just buy a sheet of raw stainless 316 from McMaster-Carr then cut it yourself? Sorry for the questions.

  4. Yeah, they carry a lot of things.

    Yes, the strap was raw 316 SS that I cut and drilled.

    As an alternative, many fittings of this sort can be made just as well from aluminum from Home Depot, which is cheap and far easier to work. This is not a high-strength application and I am quite sure that 1" x 1/8" aluminum would do the job very well. If I had not had the SS scrap on the shelf that is what I would have done.

    I've made a lot of small fittings from aluminum: brackets for solar panels, hangers in cabins, hooks for securing line in lockers, eyes for securing bike trailer, chain lock. Corrosion resistant, cheap, easy to work, and nearly as strong as SS, though not as fatigue resistant at high load.

    I often use non-marine items. Bolt hangers are handy:

  5. Really useful, thanks. I just spoke to a friend of mine that does this type of work, he also said aluminum is much easier if it suites the need. I'll let you know how I make out. As always, thanks for the really useful tips in the blog. I've bought the hinges for the under bunk lockers based on your idea. Gotta find time to get them done!

  6. It can be quite difficult to drill large holes in stainless without sharp bits, lubricant, a drill press, and a vice. Boat projects can be quite tool-intensive.

    The under bunk hinge was one of my simplest and most useful projects. I ended up doing 2 of the salon lockers as well. Much better and quite easy.

    I just re-did the salon pilot berth this week with a wider board; another easy project I really like. The board is now 13.5 inches wide, which is much better.

    Good luck!