Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Ice

White Oak Canyon, this time. Chris and Drew.

The original destination for the day's expedition was Overall Run, but we elected to approach from
Skyline drive and the Park Service elected to close a drive due to icy conditions (1-inch of snowfall). Faced with a barricade, we retreated and drove to White Oak, where predictably good conditions resulted in 3 leads, numerous top ropes, and tired bodies.

Chris honed gear management leading WI 2 on the lower falls. We both bouldered on the cauliflowered base, marveling at the flow, the lace-like structure others travel to view and photograph, but for some reason we are drawn to scale.

Further up the canyon we found the south side to be unstable and thinner than expected. We talked about possibility, then something substantial fell and better judgment prevailed.

The grotto was nice and cold, though and the steep walls nearer the falls provides some short but stiff leads and top roping. And quiet. No company other than the thunk of ax and the crunch of front points.


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