Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh, the Humiliation of it All

After a tiresome day I decided to putt-putt off into the marsh relax and think about nothing... and it's such wool gathering that leads to running over a discarded crab line, winding it into the prop, and shearing the prop pin.

Having a sore shoulder (rotator cuff injury) and no where to walk to, being deep in the marsh, my mood sunk lower than ever. However, my daughter responded to a cell phone all and came swiftly to the rescue. She brought the appropriate tools, but since wound it in at full RPMs; there was no possibility of simply changing the pin. It had bent over and welded itself into the shaft hole. A file would be required and she didn't bring that.

 Tow Boat US has nothing on Jessica. At least 1-mile each way in record time. I think she's tired. My explanations offered to folks we passed:
  • It's all part of training for her Olympic paddling bid; resistance builds power.
  • Boat US Towing is probably cheaper after all, once the costs of raising a teenager to useable size included, but I already had one.
  • I'm actually pushing. It's a stiff rope.

Actually, I've never needed to have a sailboat towed. Just the dumb dingy.


Follow-up note:  Tony's Marine (Cape May harbor) did next-day repairs. The flywheel key sheared, allowing a shift in the timing. Nothing I would have fixed at anchor.

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