Friday, May 20, 2016

Three Days of Pure Relaxation

For those or you that either didn't notice or have forgotten, I also have a page about kayaking on the Chesapeake; The Other Chesapeake, with a link on the right. Lots of special out of the way places, mostly not in the usual guides.

Day One. Deale to Warehouse Creek. Light winds, one 28-inch rockfish, good kayaking.

 Making 5 knots in 4.5 apparent.

Day Two. Paddling in the morning, a brisk sail to the Wye River, followed by hiking and paddling in the afternoon.

Over 275 years old and going strong.

Day Three. Sailing home in light winds.

Hauling this in while still making 5-6 knots was a bear. But it's hard to kill speed with the chute up.

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