Monday, January 18, 2016


We hear that the wife has too many shoes, but what example do we guys really set?

On the boat there are:
  • running shoes
  • deck shoes
  • flip-flops
  • sandals
  • dingy sailing shoes
  • Five Finger shoes for kayaking
  • wet suit boots
  • Dive fins (2 pair--do these count?)
At home in the "toy" area there are:
  • approach shoes (5.10s)
  • light hiking boots
  • hiking boots
  • alpine boots
  • mountaineering boots for ice
  • mountaineering boots for big mountains
  • rock shoes ( pair)
  • alpine ski boots
  • cross-country ski boots
  • bike shoes (2 pair)
  • mountain bike shoes
  • ice skates
  • in-line skates
  • in-line hockey skates
  • steel-toe work boots 
  • steel-toe rubber boots
  • painting sneakers (retired running shoes)
  • More dive fins
and oh yeah...
  • several pairs of dress shoes--I forget, since I don't wear them often.
None of this seems odd to me. I guess it comes down to point of view.

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