Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cheap Gloves

As winter arrives, ski gloves and snow blower fly off the shelves. But if you are doing mechanical work in the cold what you need are thin gloves with some grip that don't slow you down. I've found that these 10-for-$3 cheapies from the thrift store fit best. My fingers reach the tips, I can pick up a dime, and for the price I only need to wear them a few times. Construction companies commonly give laborers a new pair each day.


  1. Hi Drew! I've enjoyed your site for quite a while now, and didn't know how to email you with a quick question that you may have some advice about. We painted the bottom of our boat 71 days ago with Pettit Trinidad 75 paint. We had setbacks and didn't think we'd still be out of the water. Pettit rep said between 60-70 days would allow a scrubbing with Scotch Brite pad then anything after that would require another coat of paint. We hate the thought of another $200 and more time in the boatyard. I've read some articles stating that the Scotch Brite pad could be used for up to a year! Any thoughts? Thanks for all your great info!

  2. I honestly don't know. I've always waited until nearer the end of the process to paint, since it goes fast. I also avoid hard paints like the plague.

    Honestly, a quick, thin coat of paint won't cost much and will give more thickness. But getting in the water is probably best.

    I don't know what the local knowledge is, but I've tried many and settled on PCA Gold as the best value and no build-up. I get 2 years from 2 coats and it's pretty cheap on sale.

    1. Thanks Drew! We're thinking of just going for it and splashing this week (after scrubbing with Scotch Brite pads) instead ordering more paint & waiting for it to come in. Fingers crossed!

  3. I'm sure you are fine. I thought you were talking about a few more months. I'm sure their experience is mostly boats that have been out for a season (6 months).