Saturday, August 15, 2015

Product Review--Mantus Bottle Opener

As you know, I write serious product reviews. When I read this on I was devastated that I didn't think of it first:



Mantus Review

The other day I received some equipment from the guys at Mantus. Note, I have no affiliation. I do have one of their anchors, yes, but this review isn't about their anchor. There are enough threads out there on them. I'm talking about the Mantus bottle opener. It was actually free for a clever begging campaign, so any negative comment on my part is rude, however, there are no perfect tools for boaters; the opener has its faults. The product came well packaged and in a timely fashion for an overseas delivery. After unwrapping the package, I could easily see that it's a beautiful design and fitted well in my hand. Storage would not be complicated which is an asset for any boat owner. It also had a clever loop for a chain to possibly be used as a cool bling bling necklace, but I digress. It worked very well for the first 6 beers or so, but as the evening's enjoyable extensive testing progressed, and interesting attempts to keep notes for this review proceeded, it became increasingly difficult to operate; however, not insurmountable, they were enough however to give me a powerful headache in the morning because I couldn't totally figure out the problem. For some reason, it kept slipping off the bottle tops and wouldn't properly set. After 4 or 5 more beers (I think) it became useless to operate so I went to bed. The tests were inconclusive (actually I misplaced my notes), so it looks like I'll have to do further testing to retrace my steps again this evening. For now though, I am impressed overall with the design and would recommend it to fellow Sailnet members. Thank you Mantus. 


I'm too old for this particular type of testing, so I'm thankful that younger sailors are willing to step up. I'm not sure the above tester is qualified however; I can't recall any opener failing me at any point, but perhaps I was very determined... or perhaps I just can't recall.


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  1. That really is an awesome review.