Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Idea Drive

I'm always looking for things to investigate, either product reviews or engineering problems.

A few that are in progress.
  • Bucket dust collector. I made a trap for bottom sanding dust that goes between the sander and the shop vac, keeping the filter clean. Also good for pumping liquids.
  • Tall step disease. How boats have more access issues than they need to.
  • Outland hatch covers. I like them.
  • Gaffers tape. Good stuff, outlasts duck tape years vs weeks. 
  • Mooring. Quantitative testing of the effect of spring lines and such.
  • Catnip oil as fly reppellant.
  • Aluminum and zinc anodes. 1-year test starting soon, brackish and fresh.
  • Spill prevention. A few tools to prevent spills while refueling. So far I really like the shaker siphon.
  • Affect of additives on polishing. Some make filtration easier, some make it worse.
  • Stitched eye and thread UV follow-up. I'm going to break samples after 2-years in the sun.
 A few in the thinking stage.
  •  Boot drier. There are commercial systems and home-built.
  • Aluminum treatments (Alodine1201, zinc chromate, TefGel and more. Salt humidity chamber and old mast sections.
  • New Stiletto 27 review. They are going back into production!
  • Kayak review. Trying to get a line on some inflatables.
  • AC installation.
  • Seafurl bearing maintenance.
  • Climbing mast from a climbers perspective. 

Ideas? Questions? I've got too much time on my hands and I need to do something with it.


  1. Can you fit a cyclone in that bucket? Or make it into one?

  2. In fact, you can. The Oneida Air Dust Deputy Cyclone Separator Kit (AXD000004) was my inspiration. $99 through Ace Hardware or cheaper on Amazon.

    I'm not so sure it is needed, though. If the inlet is angled (there is a 90 EL inside my bucket) there is a lot of swirl, and I tested the unit on 4 gallons of cold fine wood stove ash from the ash bin; only a teaspoon made it through to the vacuum, which was not even a shop vac, just a little hand utility vac.

    I have also used it to clean out muddy pits and blackwater. Because the top is a screw-in type, you simply swap a blank lid and it is simple to carry or put in the trunk. Try that with a shop vac! Basically, it makes ANY vac into a sop vac.

  3. Check out the Innova kayaks. We've been using a two-person version of the Swing for a couple of years and are very pleased with its weight, performance, and durability so far.