Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Coupler That Can Feed Through Fairleeds...

... or rather that is what I need to find. I would like to couple my furler line to webbing, but instead of a swivel as illustrated below, I want a quick disconnect.

From the bow of a sport boat at a boat show.

It needs to glide through fairleads, with  WLL of about 100 pounds. I'm not adverse to machining something, but if I could find a design that would be better. Perhaps I could make something from 3/8-inch alloy rod where the two haves screw together. Not super quick.
Better ideas?


  1. Why does the fastener need to go through the fairlead... could you just use a shackle. or anything else for that matter, at the point where all the rope is on or off the drum and ut it just n front of the fairlead??

  2. Drew -- Not an expert at this, but I know you are a climber. Would something that functions like the lock on a twist lock carabiner work? Les

  3. Unfortunately, there are three fairleads on the way to the cam cleat. I believe the solution is simply to learn to feel the line efficiently. My last two attempts were fast and error-free. Practice always helps.

    I'm also thinking about a painted UV strip, which would allow me to leave it up more. Read the post and think on it. Sewing Sunbrella onto Mylar sails just does NOT work.