Friday, October 27, 2017

Dr. Sails

They really do have a name that says it all. Practical Sailor just ran an article of mine on adhesive  repair of polyester sail. There are a number of products that work, but Dr. Sails is in a catagory of it's own in terms of strength, durability, flexibility, and speed.

More recently, I've been repairing the torn laminate sail inventory on my F-24. With laminates, adhesives are generally the first choice, potentially better than sewn repairs, because they avoid the stitch line in the laminate. I've been testing tapes and glues, and it's not even close.

Dr. Sails Rules!

Detailed repair procedure. I've used it for repairs up to 5 feet!

And here's some field work.  This is the only adhesive repair I really believe could work underway.

It is also an excellent flexible epoxy for many other repairs. A little pricey, but certainly something every cruising sailboat should have on board. I really like the Dr. Sails syringe kits with the motionless mixers.

There are also some good reinforce tapes I have in long-term testing. But for all that, subscribe to Practical Sailor.

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