Monday, October 17, 2016

PDQ 36 Swim Platform

Several years ago I extended the transoms of my PDQ 32 both to improve performance and, more importantly, improve boarding from the dinghy. The molding was more work than many would care to take on, and estimates were the price of a good used car. During the planning phase, several people suggested I should just ad a swim platform, something that could fold out of the way.

This PDQ 36 owner did just that.

It's not the way I would do it. I'm concerned that...
  • the extension would actually add turbulence
  • No buoyancy at low speeds
  • Could be weird backing
  • More trouble to clean
  • Not strong when I back into something (I back into my slip every time)
  • Not as strong if someone jumps of falls down on it.
Weight and materials cost are actually similar, I think: I was able to build with lighter materials.  But it would be easier and faster, without question. I think I would have hinged it at the step and the back edge and had it swing down against the transom, leaving it up underway. I would only do one side. Or they could be molded and held down with some manner of latch, like the Firebird cats... but then why not fix them.

Many possibilities.

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