Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mazda Makes a Key so Fragile You Can't Put it In Your Pocket

That's what the warranty managers said; "carrying the key in your pocket, even a front pocket, is classified as owner abuse." All it takes is a little pinching action when you lean forward to lever the key apart. Note also that it looks as though the metal continues from the loop into the blade, but in fact they are separate parts, joined only by thin plastic. In the day of electronic keys, that is a $345 break, according to the dealer.

Somehow, he told me that without shame. I guess it takes a special breed of man to work at Tyson's Mazda.

I enjoyed good luck with Subaru and a dealer network that would repair things that were not warranty if they agreed it was a design problem. The Imprenza is looking pretty good about now.

Can't carry a key in your pocket? I need a man-purse (there is no such thing) now? That's just plain pitiful.

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