Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh Dear...

In order to listen to a movie without inverter hum (I've got Bose speakers but my inverter puts out square wave power) I decided to plug in. I spent the night on the boat in order to be closer to Annapolis for the morning boat show.

But all the GFIs were tripped.

Let's see...
  1. Only 4 non-water proof plugs, in addition to the 2 plugs on the box.
  2. One unrestrained hot plug that can be kicked into the water.
  3. One plug that had enough tension to pull the box off the piling (fender was rigged against it).

After unplugging the GFI-trip offender I left a note gently explaining why this is collection of cords is dangerous and non-functional. The boat has not left the dock since the new owner bought her, and I doubt if it ever will. I've not heard the engine run. He did ask me if the problem with the tap water could be that the tank was empty....

Ordinarily I rely on solar and and inverter and only plug in for a few hours when I am present. I am quite glad of that.


When I came back 10 days later...
  •  The note was still in place, unread.
  • A cord had been added, reaching to the next outlet over (2 slips, not in use).
  • The outlet was still tripped. I'm guessing it was either still wet and couldn't be reset (probably not) or didn't know how to reset it (probable). Since there was nothing plugged in, it should not have tripped even if raining. 
  • The outlet worked fine, after I reset it.
It had not rained since. Perhaps that outlet is less sensitive. Perhaps it will trip next rain.

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  1. I sure wish that our marina had GFCI breakers on the dock power pedestals!

    s/v Eolian