Monday, March 11, 2013

A Perfect Early Spring Day

One would supose on the first decent weekend day since New Years that the water would be teaming with early season sailors. High of 58F, 10 knots, only a few high whisps of cloud. But most area boats are still deep in slumber.

Jessica "IT"

We didn't do anything special, just sat on the bow while the autopilot steered. Not much to hit, no gusts to be concerned over. Jessica took a knit hat an used it as a mono-sock, since she neglected to bring socks. We walked on a nearby beach, found half a kayak, and Jessica discovered just how cold the water was (44F).

Bare feet. Teenager in March.

Only one other recreational boat was spotted during the 6 hours we were out. The wind wasn't cold--not after winter--and the the propane heater kept the cabin toasty, almost too warm. Actually, it was a pretty special day, just as relaxing as imaginable.

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  1. Any time on your boat with your day is pretty special ... sounds great!