Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tool Box

There is a window shelf outside the head that is of no particular use. Sometimes we keep shoes there, but because of the hatch, spray is always a possibility, limiting possible uses; nothing that can't get wet, nothing tall that might block the hatch. I reasoned a light box I can pick up and move will find some purpose and stow some clutter. I like the semi-traditional look; it kind of works on a sailboat that is only semi-traditional. Though sailing is by nature nostalgic, multi-hulls have to keep there distance. No baggy wrinkles here.

A simple scrap lumber project, it is made of 3/4-inch pine to make the ends strong and 1/4-inch ply to keep it light. What will we keep in it? Though I stuffed some harnesses, tape, and cables ties in it for now, we won't really know until we've been cruised with it for a while.


  1. Looks good, I like it. We never open that hatch but still only have some misc. crap sitting there, spare winch handles, etc.


  2. It always amazes me that I can learn to sail a new boat well in a few weeks, but that it takes years to learn how to best live in her.