Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Engine Shuffle--Three Boats and Still Ticking

Some sort of PDQ record, maybe.


First they were at home on PDQ 36 Page 83, where they were usurped by sexy new 8 hp engines with power tilt.

Then they were retired from PDQ 32 Shoal Survivor, after one too many minor problems made them doubtful for an up coming cruise. Sexy new 9.9 Yamahas captured my heart.

And now they have moved south to the Florida sun, where they will power PDQ 32 Dog House. Perhaps I retired them too soon--they were still running strong, except for a shorted coil and thin patience and a weak back on my part. I hope they live on for at least few more seasons.

 I believe the Dog House stable must contain more used and parts 9.9 Yamahas than any non-dealer. Ironically, my boat is on it's 3rd set of engines; hopefully, the new ones give me a lot of years.

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  1. I'm honored to be the subject of a post. The count on Yamaha 9.9s in the garage is 12. Plus two 4s a 15 and a 25.
    I hope to spend the winter swapping parts to build as many good units as possible then dump the rest of the lot in some other poor sailor's garage.