Sunday, August 26, 2012


For years--we've been coming to Cape May as a family vacation since I was 9--I've always thought the whale watch boats here practiced a bit of puffing. A few people saw whales, very rarely, but even the pictures in the flyers were clearly taken elsewhere, in the pacific northwest. Mostly, they can watch  bottle nose dolphins, which reliably congregate in large groups on either side of the point, according to the tide and their mood.

The one we saw on our crossing a few days ago certainly grabbed our attention and has changed my tune. Though I've had glimpses over the years of things I presumed to be whales, this was different. Three of us saw it, it was only a few hundred yards away, and breached--not just breathed--several times.

What sort of whale? Big and dark gray, perhaps 35-40 feet, but I'm no expert.

Fun stuff. While I'm not saying Cape May is the place to go to see whales--could be years between sightings--they're there.

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