Sunday, March 11, 2012

High Blood Presure

Though I've always been healthy as the proverbial horse, my blood pressure has always tended to the high side, and now passing 50 years, it crept past 140 over something. So a month ago I started on a minimal dose of Lisinopril. Now it's below 120 over something and the doc is thrilled.

It's not diet. It's not weight. It's not lack of exercise. My doctor was clear on these things. It's just Mom and Pop and time. Fortunately, my cholesterol is very low and heart disease is unknown in my family. But If I want to make my family's customary 90 years in good trim, I need to maintain the house.

I read some posts from folks who claimed Lisinopril negatively impacted their athletic performance; that's not been my experience. While I always ride just a bit slower in the winter--my lungs don't like the cold air when near maximum effort--if anything, the pace seems to have improved. Perhaps that's only because spring is coming, but I certainly don't feel worse. No one's been passing me, not even the young punks (anyone under 35).

So what if I'm an old fart. I'm figuring on another 40 years, so there.


  1. Good on ya, Drew. Keep it coming. Those young punks don't see it coming.

    (Jane and I just finished our best year of skiing ever, long boards and bumps, double black diamonds... and both of us are over 60.)

    s/v Eolian

  2. While I'm not at that level, I spent many years learning how to ice skate very well and cross country ski on occation. When my daughter turned ~ 10 we decided to join her cousins in up-state New York on a ski club trip, though niether of us have worn alpine skis before. It went very well, and by the end of the first day Jessica asked me if I would go with her on the black diamonds. It turns out she's a bloody natural, though 40 years of ice hocky allow me to keep up. And I wear a BIG knee brace.

    No, I'm not slowing down too much, not too soon. Not so lnog as skill and expereince (even when cross-sport) can win out over bravado!

  3. hmm, very interesting discussion about what I presume is essential hypertension (high blood pressure, or hbp, that has no obvious cause, eg obesity, kidney problems, adrenal tumor, etc). I have had it for years (and I''m a bit older, 62 soon). And use Lisinopril. No noticeable athletic experience problems.

    there was a very interesting article in AARP newletter Dec 2013 (I think, maybe Oct or Nov) on "chronopharmacology" which deals with the timing of medications. That article suggested that blood pressure meds be taken at night to promote nocturnal bp "dipping" to reduce the risk of stroke, MI, etc.

    Might be worth testing.

    ps. we also cycle, and I am the slowpoke in the family. One of our sons and my wife, for her 60th birthday, climbed Mont Ventoux in Provence, France. Yes, the TdF climb! '

    So, I suspect you'll be going strong for quite a while. ha ha