Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flat Screen Mounting

Perhaps you like to leave the world behind--I sail with my family and we find a movie can be a nice break after a day of sailing, and a life saver when sustained rain moves in. But setting up the screen and DVD requires digging the components out of lockers, plugging and unplugging wires, and is never at all stable underway, so when finished watching, it must go away.

The base plate is 1/4-inch FRP and attached to the same screws that hold the headliner up. The hinged aluminum bracket attaches to the mounting holes in the back of the TV. 

Like most flat screens, ours had mounting bosses built into the back panel, but darned if I could find a bracket that would fold the way I wanted it too. I have seen flat screens mounted on the rear salon bulkhead on PDQ 32s, but I have seen heavy spray there. So I built my own, from 1/8-inch aluminum, 3/8-inch FRP, and bits and pieces. It folds up and down in seconds and swivels 270 degrees. A small bungee cord ties it up to a small cleat, and holds it down by wrapping around the post at the end of the table. Not pretty, really, but it works well.

The cable in the side takes the sound to a pair of amplified Bose Speakers. It rocks.

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