Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Admit it - Sometimes it's Just too Cold to go Sailing...

...So we go go ice climbing instead.

Jessica has just grown to the point where the crampons and ice axes - razor sharp tools of the trade - and other gear are sized properly; they don't make kid's sizes in this sort of gadgetry. Most likely this is a safety measure intended to protect children from the hubris of their parents, and to protect parents from the urge to place razor sharp implements in the hands and on the feet of a teenager.

But what can be more fun that a day in the woods spent playing in snow and ice with kids? Many things I supose... but we had a fine time.


  1. an ice climbing sailor - I love it

  2. This Saterday (2-20-2010) we will head out again. I has been a tough winter for sailing.

    Check my climbing blog, if you are an east coast sailor. It is listed on the right.