Monday, June 1, 2009

Better Purchase for Dinghy Davits

rev. 12-10-2011

Hoisting a dinghy with the engine in place can be a real chore near day's end - more so when the stock pulley arraignment is only 3:1 and the cleating arraignment is primitive. On my PDQ 32 it is also frequently necessary to coddle and wiggle the dinghy into place and make little minor lift adjustments. It's 9-foot length only just fits between the hulls.

Better, add real engineered purchase with cam cleats so you can pull a bit at a time, leave the engine mounted (secured to the dinghy, of course), and even have a child help. Do remember when lacing the 6:1 blocks that they require a peculiar 90 degree lacing pattern to keep the friction low:

The blocks are Harken  (triple w/cam and becket and a plain triple) and the line is 1/4-inch.

Also note the spreaders used to get the bow of the tender as high as possible. I later switched to aluminum wire gate climbing carabiners, as they are easier to use and more dependable.

Tricing-up is also a good idea, in any sort of waves or if the boat will be unattended.


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