Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Winter Sailing... When it is 60F!

(Well, in the marina it was 60F, on the water just a bit less than that.)

 Winter has some up-sides folks forget about:
  • No power boat wakes. This makes ghosting in light winds a joy.
  • Quiet. Really quiet.
  • No sweating.
  • It keeps the engine lubed and the fuel fresh.
  • You don't have to wash the boat. You can't because the water is off!
  • No cooler to carry.
  • It's cheap. Or rather I figure the cost of insurance, the slip, and most maintanance was paid for by the summer season.
  • Bottom paint stays clean.
  • No trips to "check on the boat."
Down sides?
  • It can be cold. Don't go those days.
  • It can be cold. As they say in Maine, "there is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing." And so, with the appropriate fleece under layers, fleece socks,  windproof gloves, a balacova, watch cap, and ski goggles, I remain quite snug down to near freezing. Take extra gloves for handling wet lines.
  • Many summer places are closed.
  • If you fall in you will die. Don't fall in, or wear a dry suit.
  • Days are short... but that's a good excuse to keep the trip short.
  • Nights are too long. That's a good reason not to over night.
 A soft shackle eliminates a shackle that could wack the mast and heads, and a low friction ring eliminates a block that would be flopping around.
But yesterday wasn't really winter. Eat your hearts out, all those who hauled out.

A different winter's day, a different year, on my Stiletto 27. Windblocker fleece over plain fleece. Zoom.

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