Saturday, February 11, 2017

Book Questions, Comments and Research Ideas

Something in the text is unclear? A subject you would like to see researched and written up? Please post the question here. I'm always searching for new subject matter.


  1. "Any chance you might make your books available as downloadable PDFs for home printing? I'd be first in line to purchase at least two of your 2017 titles in this form. --David"

    Excellent question and not the first time that I have been asked. I'm looking to find a simple, low-cost way.

    Another option is to make them available as paper "print on demand" books through Amazon. I wonder if that is not about as economical and perhaps a better solution. You thoughts?

  2. "Rudder and keel design."

    Although I touch on this lightly in "Faster Sailing," I think this has been well covered by others. NACA foils are a variable on-line. Rudder and keel scantlings are given by ISO 12215-9. These are copyrighted materials and I cannot re-post them.

  3. All titles will now be available as PDFs through Sellfy. Just click the "buy it now" button and you will be offered a Paypal option.

  4. "Faster Cruising for the Coastal Sailor" is now available for Kindle through Amazon.