Sunday, January 1, 2017

Circumnavigating Delmarva Peninsula—A Guide for the Shoal Draft Sailor

Table of Contents     
Acknowledgments                                                                                        4
Map: Course of 2006 and 2007 aboard Cherokee Sun                                    5
Preface                                                                                                       7
Trip Summary 2005 to 2012: Anchorages, Stops and Inlets Transited                8
Preface to Second Edition                                                                            10
Departure                                                                                                   12
Lesson 1: Preparations                                                                                 14
Day 1: Deale to Solomons Island                                                                   24
Lesson 2: Single-handed and Shorthanded Sailing                                           30
Day 2: Solomons Island to Cape Charles                                                        33
Lesson 3: Kids                                                                                             41
The Cape Charles Impact Crater                                                                   49
Plate: Smith Island, Southern Point                                                                 50
Day 3: Cape Charles to Wachapreague                                                          52
Plate: Cobb Island, Southern End                                                                   58
Plate: Hog Island Inlet                                                                                   59
Plate: Hog Island Inlet and Broad Water Area                                                60
Plate: Wachapreague Inlet                                                                             61
An Alternative Passage: Cape Charles to Wachapreague        
by the Virginia Inside Passage                                                                 63
Hurricanes, Swell, and Night Sailing; Cautionary Tales                                    72
A Brief History of Cobb Island                                                                      76
Day 4: Wachapreague to Chincoteague                                                          78
Lesson 4: Settling Down for the Night                                                            83
Day 5: Chincoteague, a Non-Sailing Day                                                        85
Lesson 5: Safety                                                                                           88
Day six: Chincoteague to Ocean City                                                             97
Lesson 6: Tips for the Trailer Sailor                                                                101
Day 7: Ocean City to Cape May                                                                    103
Days 8-11: Interregnum - Cape May with Family                                            107
Day 12: The Approaching Storm                                                                    110
Day 13: Cape May to Chesapeake City                                                          111
Day 14: Chesapeake City to Deale                                                                 114
Three Weeks Later                                                                                       116

Appendix I: Cruising Guide                                                                            117
a) Delaware Bay and Atlantic Coast from Cape Henlopen to Cape Charles
b) Camping Opportunities on the Delmarva Barrier Islands and Chesapeake Bay
c) Chesapeake Bay—Details and Corrections of Interest to the Shoal Draft Sailor     
Appendix II: Access: The Delmarva Barrier Islands and Chesapeake Islands
Appendix III: Recommended Reading                                                            155
Suggested Inserts                                                                                          159


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