Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Lot of Hidden Work

Installing air air conditioning is like a lot of projects; all the hard work is hidden, and if you do it right, it doesn't look like you did anything. I put in a good 20 hours worth on this, not counting head-scratching time. And I work fast.

This has been sold...

Replaced by this.

The short version is that the installation work is considerable, but it is MUCH quieter, easier to use, delivers 50% more BTUs, and consumes 23% fewer amps. Best of all, it does not leak rain, freeze the person sitting under it, snag sheets, or block the helm view. The weight is slightly less and is carried lower.It actually takes a little more space, just hidden in lockers. Fortunately, I kept the lockers pretty cleaned out, so I still have far more storage than I need.

Detailed write-up coming to Good Old Boat Magazine. Meanwhile, if you're looking for AC, I've got nothing but good things to say about the folks at Dometic. Great unit, great tech suport (I had no trouble with the installation, but I had a lot of tech questions for the article).


  1. Didn't realize both you and Bob were A/C guys. Didn't think you (Drew) spent that much time on board at the marina.

  2. a. Chesapeake Bay Marinas can be horribly hot mid-summer. No wind. At anchor is not too bad.
    b. Probably adds resale value if done well. I think I did it well. So I think perhaps it did not cost anything, from a point of view.
    c. Got a good deal on the unit, and I work on my own stuff cheap.
    d. Quiet.