Monday, September 1, 2014

Sifting Through Old Pictures

Sometimes the basement needs a little cleanup, and since a knee injury has me sidelined from sailing and heavy work, sifting through a box of old pictures was worthwhile enough.

My first boat, Prindle 16, about 1984. Photographed with my mother and grandfather. This was the first day sailing with my new asymmetrical chute. Because the they were nearly unheard of on beach cats, kits weren't available, and I had no money, we sewed this one from a pattern of my own design. Very fast. Later I added aluminum hiking racks, a bow sprit, and some additional roach, which really made her into a speedster that tacked downwind.

Taught me to sailing tender boats fast.

Our first week with our Stiletto 27, Cherokee Sun, 1992.  Later she got repainted, added a chute, bigger motor, and limited cruising amenities.

Taught me to sail tender boats even faster (this one tacked downwind too, with the chute), without capsize, and whetted my taste for cruising.

Jessica's First bluefish. Fun stuff. 

Taught me how to stay a kid. She's in college now.

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