Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Offical Anchorage Music Rules

Regarding music while sailing or anchored...

Tongue-in-cheek.... But take it seriously if you want to. My rant.


Personally, I prefer quiet most of the day every day, sailing or not. The stereo in my car doesn't play for months at a time, not unless Jessica's driving. Maybe, if it's just me, it might be Tommy. Maybe Exile on Main Street. We don't have one in the house, unless you count the music function of cable provider, which I don't use. I don't play tunes on my lap top and don't have and iPod or any relative.

But at anchor is different, I don't know why.

  • Bob Marley. I never listened to him much before, but my mother-in-law bought 3 CDs and then forgot them or why she even bought them, and somehow they found there way on board. Before I had listened to discs I just happened to be in Kingston on business, staying at a hotel across the mall from the Bob Marley museum. I took the tour--he's worshiped there. And so I have come to find Bob completely relaxing when I'm anchored, whether working on a project or doing nothing. Soul Adventurer, I Need a Rammer, Mr Brown. But that's the only time it seems right.

  • No second-hand tunes. I learned that one in college, or maybe earlier. Even during my most Stones-Who-Doors period, I knew enough not to blast noise and to make others listen to my second hand music. If I play anything on the water, I play it low and only in the cabin. No outside speakers, please.
  •  Nothing after sunset. Quiet time. Go to sleep if you're bored.
  • Classical music? To formal for the wilderness. Rock-and Roll, R & B, or pop? Too kinetic. Country? Out of place, somehow, but maybe if I were on a river somewhere. Maybe that would be just right.
  • Sea chanties? I wouldn't play them, but I catch myself singing them when doing something rhythmic. Kayaking, Cycling. It's not as bad as it sounds; chanties weren't written for Pinza or Pavarotti. They were written for gravel voiced boatswains, and I can do better than that. Don't worry, I won't try to sing pop.

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  1. Yep, Bob Marley on the water is always welcome! Country ... never! =)