Sunday, July 3, 2011


My daughter has been bugging me for a kayak for years, to use on sailing trips, to take on vacations, and to prowl the local canals and  streams. We've rented and borrowed sea kayaks. We took a whitewater class together, when given one as a Christmas gift by my wife. No, we have no interest in white water, but the class was great fun and we learned a good deal.

I selected a Perception Impulse and I'm happy with the choice. We chose a sit-in kayak because they are generally faster and lighter, are drier in cold weather, and carry "stuff" better. Sit-on kayaks have the major advantage of not swamping if you flip one in the waves and being easier to re-board from the water and are probably better for summer sailboat accessory use. Make a choice.

For the PDQ 32, the 10-foot length is perfect. It stretches from the shrouds to just short of the forward hatch, not blocking side access forward or the hatch. It is easily tied to the railing and a child can get it on or off the boat, sliding it on edge down the sugar scoops.

Great fun. Great for exploring the marshes and shallows. Great for a sun-set exercise spin. Great for providing Mom and Dad and daughter dividable transport.

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