Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A New Toy

I dreamed of something like this in college, when racing was a passion. Then I destroyed my knee in a crash and spent 30 years waiting to ride again. What a difference aluminum and carbon fiber make.
 Now I am old, crippled, and unworthy. Perhaps I'll look fast enough if I simply lean it against a bench, pretending I've come far; like Mark Twain, I suppose I have and should be glad to look the part. Perhaps I should paint it olive drab and scratch it up a bit.

I do promise that this will NOT be riding on Shoal Survivor's bike rack, dripping in salt. It's older sibling has inherited that chore.

PS. My wife tells me I have 2 mistresses now, both starting with "B": bike and boat. She's right. The past few nights have been consumed with tweeking and minor additions, just like the boat.

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