Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boat Cards

Trivia... but handy when traveling. We printed a batch off a year ago and they disappeared soon enough. I hate that the internet makes me strip the personal info.


  1. Yours are custom with your boat pic on them. Very nice. We opted for some free ones from www.vistaprint.com



  2. Very nice! We printed a batch, then promptly changed from a website to a blog only so the old ones are slightly wrong (I can write in a fix). You've inspired me to write about them at some point.

  3. Yours is way cooler than ours. We also got the free vista print ones. Actually I think we have the same as you Mike. Haha. Drew, your in Deale? We just (last weekend) moved from Deale to Edgewater.


  4. I've had a cat (Stiletto, now PDQ) up Rockhold Creek for 17 years, at Phipps Marina. Since it is a power boat marina, the slips are deep and wide. The good news is a Gemini just moved in next to me; Some sailors, at last!