Sunday, January 20, 2019


[First posted summer 2016]

On reasons to visit the boat regularly, at least in the spring...

"What in the hell was she thinking?"

Of course, the "she" was the bird that laid the egg, I was upset because a rotten one broke on my shirt just below the collar, and by the time my wife emerged I had changed my shirt, cleaned up, and half forgotten about the whole thing. Certainly I couldn't relate any of the mornings events to my wife's concern that I was upset.

Needless to the say the end of the boom has been sealed. Now I just have to figure out how to dispel the constant spring bombardment from the birds roosting in the rigging.

As soon as I sealed the end of the boom, they started building nests under the sail cover, pooping all over the sail. Arrg! Seal your covers up TIGHT in the spring.

 This hasn't been a problem on the F-24. The boom is sealed and the mainsail rolls tightly around the boom. But I'm going to revise the cover this spring to better protect the bolt rope. You can bet it will seal tightly.

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