Thursday, October 22, 2015

What You Do To Sail Home, After Striking a Submerged Log At 8 Knots

The darn thing was invisible, even as I looked in the water a fraction of a second after impact. Nothing.

The port rudder jammed up into the hull (no damage, but no steering), so I got to crawl and do this while drifting. Surprisingly easy, just a few minutes to clean out the locker and a few moments with an adjustable wrench.

How does she steer with one rudder? So long as the sails are balanced, even the autopilot does fine. Main alone, she rounds up.

Saturday we'll try straightening by brute force. I'll take notes.


  1. I've always been concerned about hitting a log. They're impossible to see as they bob just at the surface, dark in color.

  2. It's not my first, only the first that did damage.

    The scary times are 2-3 weeks after spring floods or hurricanes; it's better to just stay home.