Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So You Think You Don't Need a Snubber....

rev. 1/2017

I've still got data to collect and average, but the bones are pretty clear...

Data collected on 324' catamaran anchored in 4.5 feet of water at 10:1 scope including freeboard. Fetch was 5 miles.

  • The ABYC Tables are worst case but absolutely correct.
  • Short snubbers don't do much for peak loads. Obviously.
  • The peaks are MUCH higher than the average--it may be possible to haul the anchor in by hand, but that does not mean the peaks are not severe (I hauled in by hand just after recording a 700-pound peak).
  • A nice long snubber really takes the load off  the anchor, and that means less dragging. Think of how it will reduce fatigue on the chain and bowsprit.
  • Hauling the boat up to the anchor using the windlass is dicey as the wind comes up; the snatch loads can be severe.

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